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Waning Gibbous Phase

Tonight marks the waning gibbous phase of the moon. It is the first phase after a full moon. It lasts up to 7 days with the illumination from the moon growing smaller with each day until we hit the last quarter. During this phase, the moon can be seen in the early morning daylight hours on the western horizon. For all you weird morning people(I say that half joking but half jealous).

So if any of you are like me then you're probably wondering…well, that’s great, why is it so important to me? I get it. I have had many people tell me as a Cancer sun sign and being born on a full moon phase, that I am a moon child and that I need to pay close attention to the cycles of the moon. And until recently its been very hard for me to translate that into my life. I started to wonder though if the moon can affect the tides of the sea, then how could it not affect my moods and dreams? I am moody and overly sentimental at times which can be a blessing and a burden. So what could it hurt to find out more about our Moon?

This time is a time of clearing. Have you felt like you need to do some cleaning? Whether it be your emotional inventory or just your own personal space that's the waning gibbous talking. This phase is encouraging you to take care of the to-do's on your list so that you can reach a time of peace and rest for the New Moon coming up.

This is also a time for distributing and sharing what you've learned during the Full Moon, so you can have a clearer understanding of what next steps you want to take in life. It is a time for questions on how well you have received these lessons and a time to change perspective. Feel like you haven't taken these lessons with as much grace as you would have liked? That’s okay. "Mistakes are always forgivable if one has the courage to admit them."-Bruce Lee. Here are 3 tips to help you embrace this Waning Gibbous. (So many jokes on this phase's name, but I won't go there)

Take a moment to write down some limiting beliefs you've had recently that have held you back. For me that would include: self sabotage (I can't see myself being taken seriously for the gifts that I have learned and brought with me along my journey), jealousy (definitely got a little grass is greener syndrome going on lately), & abandonment (If I speak from my truth, will that mean that the people I hold dearest leave me?). Now those are some of my cold hard truths to look at. Not all of you may have the same limiting beliefs but, I know for a scatterbrain like me- physically writing them down helps me to actually process and examine where I want to go from here. I definitely don't want history repeating itself. I channel my inner Smash Mouth when thinking about that last sentence. "The years start coming and they don't stop coming."Share any insights you may have gained in the last few weeks. Your metaphorical crops should be in abundance around this time. It doesn't have to be this crazy life lesson. It could be acknowledging how much your closest people love you. I know for me this last phase was a bit of a doozey and after doing a Full Moon release last night(writing down all the feelings I want to release from myself and others around me- and watching that baby burn), the morning rain gave me a feeling of rejuvenation and hope for the future. The themes around this phase are gratitude, sharing, and enthusiasm.Gratitude is a biggie here. I know that when I am feeling down in the dumps nothing gets me out of it faster than when I take my crown chakra out of my root chakra. By that, I mean helping and inspiring others. Sharing information with others is a powerful thing. When I teach others what I have learned it is not only giving me a deeper understanding of what I already know, but it's giving the other person the information to take hold of their own woes. Another act of gratitude is simply showing up. My Mom always use to tell me that 90% of life is just showing up for better or for worst. And damnit I hate to admit this…but she was definitely right. The older I get, the more I realize, that some of the most life-changing situations happened to me while I was in the seat I signed up to be in.

I have been asked a lot lately "Which path do you want to go down?". And with much consideration and humility, I have chosen to keep going down the path I wanted all along. I understand now that the situations that are coming my way are to help me to learn and understand not only the moons ebbs and flows but, mine as well.  In my 30th year, I am learning that the road less traveled can be a daunting and beautiful thing. So with this road, I am going to keep trudging and showing up and feel hopeful for what is to come. I hope you can too.

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