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My Go-To Books For Spiritual Development

At the start of my spiritual awakening, I found an insatiable thirst for all things spiritual and esoteric. That feeling has yet to be quenched. Here is a collection of my favorites:

Many Lives Many Masters.jpg

Many Lives, Many Masters

By: Brian Weiss, MD.

I love any story about a skeptic whos world is turned upside down by an event. Dr. Brian Weiss is a prominent psychologist who accidentally stumbled upon the world of reincarnation while using hypnosis on a patient. I recommend this book to anyone who isn't even interested in the spiritual. Its that good of a book.


Journey of Souls

By: Michael Newton, Ph.D

Using a special hypnosis technique, Newton discovered some amazing insight into what happens to us in-between lives. Answering questions I didn't know could be answered. Like: Why you're assigned to certain soul groups? What happens right after death? What happens to disturbed souls? Even, How you choose another body before returning to earth. I defintely couldn't stop reading when I started this book.

Reality Unveiled.jpg

Reality Unveiled: The Hidden Keys Of Existance That Will Transform Your Life

By: Ziad Masri

Trying to describe this book in a short paragraph doesn't do it justice. It has so many topics about existence and finding hidden realities in our day to day life. This first part is very scientific but he warns you of that. If you have questions about this life and want tangible scientific proof. This is your book.

The reluctant Messenger.jpg

The Reluctant Messenger-Tales From Beyond Belief

By: Ms. Candice M. Sanderson

Really great read about a woman who started to receive messages from spirit that changed her life for the better.

Recovery- Freedom .jpg

Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions

By: Russell Brand

For all those in recovery from anything really, this is a book where Russell Brand talks about the steps and his journey of introspection.

Your Souls Gift.jpg

Your Soul's Gift: The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born

Robert Schwartz

A great book that goes into detail about the life your soul choose to reincarnate into and why we choose the challenges we face.

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