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Plagues, Trains, & Automobiles

I have been looking for an emotion to find for my center. One that I can always remember & go back to when I feel, even an inch, of myself giving into this pandemic. Most of my days consist of diapers & Sesame Street, so it's pretty easy for me to get lost in the shuffle of daily life. But, it's slowly leaking its way into my entire life. There are currently 19 cases in my small Oregon town. The national guard is already stationed here outside of the grocery stores (probably terrified we're going to loot)- which that alone blows my mind. The last time I've been around energy like this was the 92' riots in LA. My Grandma lived in Compton & my Mom was screaming & crying for her to get to safety. Mind you, I was only 4. It absolutely bewilders me that my son Micah will be 4 in April. I understand how this exact energy can affect you later in life. (He's also a Cancer Moon though so he's doomed anyways to feel anything around him- sorry buddy)

I've also been channeling certain information about the Pandemic itself & wanting to find why this is happening & what we can expect. First thing I feel when I get into it is that it gets a lot worse before it gets better. I don't see the virus sticking around long or at least numbers of cases would be decreasing by April-May-ish. As a result of all this though- I do see our economy crashing. I see a lot of people talking or snitching on other people in power. I see companies we thought we'd see the rest of our lives- crumbling under the weight of a spiraling capital system. I see something about Nike- almost like it feels like they're being exposed or something. Do I see Martial Law happening? No. And if it does it would be temporary. But, I see this being a MASSIVE wake up call. I see people who have denounced religion trying to find answers within themselves or open up to possibilities. I see some of us going through claustrophobia, panic, & despair. I see nature shifts. I see the illusion & very beliefs we were raised on, crumble in front of our eyes. I see a similar pattern in the CORVID-19 virus & the plague in that both virus' spread & only were eradicated in isolation.

Now, I bet you're ready for the good news or a shining beacon of hope in a very seemingly pitch black darkness. Gratitude is key here. We have one thing our ancestors didn't have- technology. Now, I know big brother internet can get very frustrating at times & only seems to be filled with negativity but, hear me out. Its all in your perspective. I can tell you I've worked hard to not fill my mind with the negativity. It takes practice looking for the things that help us thrive. But, I promise, once your world is filled with color- gray (will still be in it) but not the predominate color. There are relationships that need tending, real time moments of kindness, incredible acts of connection & charity to be had. Look at it as a time in our lives to grow & watch us go back to homeostasis after staring at our phones for years. Its time to see the reality that we live in. The houses we buy, the cars we drive, the bills we pay are never enjoyed due to work. Take this time to find your roots within the world. We get a chance to pay it forward & be the calm within someone's storm. Even if that just means listening & shooting the shit.

In short- we need to rise. Its okay to be startled or scared & its okay to have bad days. Don't let them consume you. Find it in your heart to help those who are struggling. Take time to connect back to your passion. To yourself. If you have the resources help when you can. Getting back to gratitude will always bring you back to your center. These are unknown times ahead & now more than ever is our time to rise together.

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