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All About The Waning Crescent Phase Of the Moon

The Waning Crescent is the last phase of the moon's cycles before we start with a fresh New Moon cycle. We find that circumstances change or friendships can change. It is a time of introspection of the different behaviors and aspects that you have engaged in this last phase. This particular phase has been since the 10th of August 2018.

A balsamic moon can be referred to an old moon. It's seen in the east before dawn. This being the last phase before the new moon, it is a time to reflect inward and do some deep thinking. Meditation, contemplation, and clearing should all be on the "to-do" list.

Ever since the full moon we've been through a week-long waning period of "restructuring". Where we've either restructured, reoriented, or reviewed aspects of our lives and tried our best to tie up loose ends. Now we are finding that thought patterns are being brought back into ourselves to reconnect with our inner mind. Has that desire to eat healthier or try out a new morning routine  been burning at the forefront of your mind lately? Those habits are coming into clarity to help you to find focus and connect with your higher self. Even if its only 5 extra minutes to enjoy your morning cup of joe. Nature is giving us this opportunity to see our lives more objectively so there can be a better awareness- just prior to the fresh start of the new moon. Take this opportunity to examine your dreams & goals.

What new ideas or concepts do you want to initiate into your life at the start of the new moon?

What do you need to "let go" of in order to motivate and move you forward?

What lessons were put into your life to refine your sense of identity and buffer up your goals?

If you examine these questions closely- it will be easier for you to have a clear intention for the new moon that’s about to happen in 3-4 days. You will be able to visualize them coming to life.

For the last 3-4 years I have been woken up from a very deep slumber and instead of prince charming there to kiss me awake…it felt more like life slapping me in the face with a bunch of hardcore truths. I had this allusion that once those truths were realized, processed, and ingrained I would feel freedom. Unfortunately that’s not how life worked out and I am finding that this last year has been all about confirming and verifying, what I have been practicing for so long. Which can be painful to say the least, but as you all know, I choose to look at it like I'm perfecting the expression or foot print I want to leave on this world. I'm learning through these waning phases that’s its more about the journey- not the destination. Becoming clear in this phase has helped me to see that brighter perspective.

You may start to notice certain gaps in your life that can cause you some unease. For it could be some friends change or circumstances change. Any feeling of separation is backed up by Nature's insistence to withdraw and let go. Do not let this worry you. This is just the cycle of life. With some time you will see that it is leaving room for bigger and better things that will help you focus more on your overall goals.

Find your curiosity for what the "bigger picture" looks like to you. I find by doing this- helps ease those problems that may seem so big and scary to you in the moment. It gives you the understanding that the problems that may plague you in the moment, are mere hurdles, that will ease with time if you focus on overcoming them.  Pull back to your inner self now and connect with your strengths. It is common to want to rest and sleep more during this period.

Main mantra during this period: "My heart is open and I introspectively tap into the needs of my heart, soul, & mind."

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