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Rituals For The New Moon

When the moon is hiding between the sun & the earth, the moon is in the "new moon" phase. During this phase, the moon is invisible because the side of the moon we are seeing is not being illuminated by the sun. The new moon can also be referred to as the Seed Moon. It is a time of new beginnings. This phase can affect our bodies, mind, and emotions in the following ways:

: Body- We tend to sleep less during the new moon phase and rise early. Your appetite can increase along with spurts of energy.

: Mind- This is a time when we tend to develop certain insights and new ideas. It is a great time to find your creative outlet to allow your mind to feel inspired.

: Emotions- Watch out for heightened sensitivity in this time. It is a good time to stay away from crowds and to keep the focus on yourself.

With this new moon energy, a sense of calmness and balance will also bring energy and acceptance that anything can be accomplished with some introspection. I mainly use this time to set seeds of intentions for the moon cycles to follow. It is good to plant the seeds of your intentions three days before or after the cycle starts. I like to work with my intentions within the 3 days after to really get a good feel for it. Here are some great and practical ways to start with your intentions.

Visualize what you want and ask your guides to show you how you're going to get it. You may feel a little goofy asking invisible energy to show you some future hopes and dreams, but even if you feel like your imagination is at play here, it doesn't hurt to take a few moments to daydream and at least feel what is possible.

Give thanks to the Universe for hearing your truth. When you come to a place of gratitude (even if it feels forced) you are always reminded to focus on how far you have come and not dwell on all the things you have not YET accomplished.

Read your intentions as often as you would like until the Full Moon and then release the energy in the sacred fire, trusting in it, to manifest into your life.

Feel free to do this practice with each New Moon. Writing down your intentions and focusing on them for a certain period, can give you a sense of what you really want, and the steps that will take you closer to your overall goal.

In this phase, you don't have to make it complicated. There can be many blessings in giving your dream energy or form. What I like most about this phase is that it is a constant reminder- no matter how old we are, to always keep our dreams living and breathing. Life at times can feel like an endless soul-crushing journey of pain and despair. Intentions and goals keep that sorrow in perspective and help us to realize that magic still exists.

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