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4 Super Easy Rituals For A Super Moon!

A supermoon happens when the full moon coincides with the moon's closest approach to Earth in its orbit. Although it may be hard to tell with the naked eye, the supermoon makes our moon appear a little brighter and larger in size. This term has only been around for the last 40 years and became popular with the trio of supermoon happening in 2016. This is a quick article to help you make the most of her magnificent & healing energies.

Write down your dreams: During this time your dreams may become more vivid. Make sure to write them down after you wake-up. This time is meant to release what is no longer serving you for your highest good and your subconscious and/or guides could be telling you important behaviors or things to release in order to propel you forward. Also, these dreams may not make much sense to you in the present but at least you will have a record of what may be something crucial in the future.

Releasing/Manifesting Ritual: These two rituals are very easy to do and important to stay aware of or keep tabs on what to either focus on or let go of in the upcoming months. First write down on a piece of paper the thoughts, actions, or beliefs that are no longer serving you (i.e. lack of self-worth, financial burdens, or self-sabotage). Sit with them and feel yourself letting them go. Go outside and say a prayer to whomever you speak to God, Divine, Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Angels- whatever higher powers you decide to address: it's okay- they're all one. Have gratitude for the lessons, gifts, & experiences they have offered to you and ask for assistance in releasing them. Then release, and burn the paper: After burning your release paper, write down things that you would like to manifest in your life. Hold the paper close to your heart and envision that these things have already happened. Say a prayer to the higher power of your choice, while holding it close to your heart. Ask for assistance in making these positive changes. Next, set the paper down in a safe & sacred place. Glance at it every few weeks and be amazed at the things to come. And remember that the things that you have asked to manifest may not come in the way that you envisioned. Make sure that you trust in what is to come.

Meditation/ Healing Your Emotions: These energies can magnify the things that you are working through in your current life. Anything that you ask at the time is amplified. Take a moment to process some of the difficult situations from the past or present that you have been holding onto. This is also an opportunity to sweep out any negative emotions. The supermoon is so powerful it is difficult for the darkness to withstand its wonder. Also don't be afraid to ask your Arch Angels for help. My personal favorite is Arcangel Metatron. He is believed to be one of the only archangels that have been in human form. His purpose is to help us to use our spiritual gifts for good.

Charging Your Crystals: This leads me to a little story of when my fiancée bought me an air plant for Valentines Day. They are easy to maintain. He decided to buy a white onyx crystal on one of our trips to Bend, OR and keep it with him at work while he was feeling stressed out. That crystal held a lot of negative emotions in it & when he brought it home after transitioning jobs; he set it next to the air plant. Within 48 hours the air plant had died.  So, my point is that charging your crystals is crucial to rejuvenating them back to their potential power for you and your environment. The process is simple enough. Just take your crystal (or crystals) outside or in a window that faces the moon and ask that they receive the power of the supermoon. Make sure to pick them up right before dawn or shortly after.

In these times of stress and hardship I wanted to give you easy access on how to take advantage of not only the amazing physical energies that the supermoon can provide but,

the spiritual healing as well. Happy supermoon!

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