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Curious Crane

Experiencing The Physical, One Incarnation At A Time.

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The Stars

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White Branch

A Little Backstory

Since I was a little girl I have felt a wide range of emotion. I was always the one wandering off & listening to the wind that rustled in the trees. Nature has always given me a sense of peace & has been whispering wisdom to me since I can remember. I grew up around a lot of turmoil & always had the ability to feel the things that weren't said. It can be a pretty confusing trait to have, when you barely understand the world & your role in it. I used a lot of coping mechanisms to get through my day. Helping others to ignore my own wounds, self-sabotaging at every turn, & putting a lot of extreme guilt/ anxiety on myself when I didn't measure up to my impossible expectations.  Feeling like you're just surviving instead of thriving is no way to be. I started to measure everyone's outsides by my insides. I started to numb everyone & everything around me. Making extremely self destructive choices that not only affected myself but was starting to affect the ones I hold dearest. I found many different bottoms after that choice to self medicate but, I always crawled my way out of the grave I dug for myself. As I got better mentally my gifts started returning. I found that all my trial & error was for a reason. I began to hone my skill with meditation, daily affirmations, & books (too many books). I studied people like Dr. Brian Weiss, Sonia Chocquette, Regina Meredith, Michael Newton Ph.D, Brene Brown, Robert Schwartz, & Melody Beattie. I specialize in Intuitive Healing w Tarot.  I also offer insight to different chakras you may need work on, help open spiritual gifts you may have, channel messages & guidance from your loved ones, & study astrology. I am trying to help give the guidance I was so desperately seeking in my dark days. To put a spotlight on the things you gave up hope on & help you grow in ways you couldn't imagine.

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Thanks for your interest in my site! It means the world to me. For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!

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